The way we look at it is simple, SEO is organic. It’s you or someone you are paying, working diligently to improve the ability of someone’s ability to find you online. Your other option is PPC or “Pay Per Click” and that can be very costly when competing for those top keywords. PPC is a popular and often used me method of reaching new customers because it is easier or more specifically, you get results quicker.

For businesses that have less than stellar SEO, getting in front of potential new customers seems easier with PPC since you can just pay for it and you categorize the expense as advertising. In other words, there’s a problem, so if you throw money at it then the problem goes away. 

The problem with this thought process is that the worse your SEO is, the greater the expense for PPC and unless you are going to stop advertising, the continual monthly cost with PPC is not cheap.

Now, let’s consider SEO and web development for a moment. If we look at the monthly costs of developing your website to enhance your companies online presence, the monthly cost can be much less expensive as compared to relying on PPC. The process of developing good SEO and improving your website is a continual process with continual associated costs. However, these costs can be much less than the costs of PPC depending on how you think of it anyway.

Either way, you will be paying for every single lead generated through your online presence. Now the great thing about SEO that greatly differs from PPC is that you can pay for developing your SEO with time. That is, your time. In other words, you can pay someone else to do it or if the budget isn’t quite there yet you may be able to do it yourself.

The downside about doing it yourself is that it takes time. Time that many entrepreneurs simply don’t have. And honestly, your time would probably be better spent actually doing your job and running your business anyway.

But if the budget is a concern and paying for PPC is not an option, SEO start to look very appealing. Another downside besides having to spend time doing it yourself is that fact that doing it yourself will take more time than what a professional will have to. That is, researching how to do it, the trial and error process, etc.. So you could end up spending a lot of time working on your SEO and not get the results you were looking for anyway.

The good news about paying someone else to develop your SEO for you that I mentioned earlier is that the costs are often less than simply throwing money into a pay per click option. With a good SEO optimizes website, your costs for PPC should go down as well. Just some points to consider if you are trying to decide how best to get your website and your business found online.

Our personal recommendation, if you can afford it, is to do both. Pay to have your website optimized and put some money into PPC to get the results you are looking for.