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Search Engine Optimization Packages

We’re Helping Businesses Grow!

Social Media ROC provides digital marketing services that will grow your business!

Social Media Connections:
You Need It, We Help With It.

The world is a big place and has lots of people to connect with! That number of people online is growing every year and you should be growing with it! We are a Rochester, NY based business and we truly care about our community, which is why we want to help you succeed. Social Media ROC can help get you in front of the people that you need as a business, customers.

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Social Media Automation: Be Active

Social Media ROC can help your business be active on Social Media and automate your sales funnel. Find the best social media channels and tools to automate the process, all within your budget. Minimize the time investment and maximize your ROI!

Social Marketing Automation

The Best Resources to Reach Your Target Market

Social Media ROC will help you leverage social media channels, email marketing, website design and SEO optimization to grow your business. Each option has it’s own strengths which you can use to showcase your brand. We listen to our clients, integrate their brand and their personalities into their on-line presence to share them with the world.

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Social Media Marketing

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other social media channel, SocialMediaROC will help you get the most out of your Social Media Marketing.

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Website Design & SEO

Whether you’re into PPC, organic SEO or social media marketing, your website is the hub of your marketing efforts. To maximize your marketing, you have to have a great website.

Email Marketing strategies

Email Marketing

No matter which social network, everyone has an email address. With the big growth of Social Media, email is still the champ with the best ROI of any marketing strategy.

Those Are Just A Few Options, There Are Tons of Benefits!

  • SEO Optimization

  • Improve Email Open Rates

  • Improve Customer Relations

  • Improve Time Management

  • Mobile Ready Website

  • Automated Sales Process

  • Integrated Social Media

  • Brand Monitoring

  • Increase Brand Awareness

  • Custom Landing Pages

  • Improve Conversion Rates

  • Customized Website

  • Sales & Event Promotion

  • Automated Email Marketing

  • Digital Storefront for Online Sales

  • Improve Google Ranking

  • Easily Shareable Content

  • Scalable Web Design

  • Managed Hosting Services

  • Increased Website Traffic

  • Powerful Small Business CRM

  • Lead Management and Scoring

  • Offer Subscriptions and Payment Plans

  • Multi Channel Marketing Automation

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Social Media Integration: Be Found

Social Media ROC can help your business develop it’s brand and grow your online presence! Be found on the web by using our social media integration with an SEO optimized web site design. Our simple yet powerful options will help your business be found. It works. Remember, you found us.

Social Media ROC can help you get found online

Ridiculously Easy: We Do It For You

When running your own business, you often don’t have time to update your social media accounts.. You also can’t afford not to! We make it easy for you to maintain your social media presence with regular updates and relevant content. Social Media ROC offers a simple solution to ease your time constraints and automate your business growth through social media. It doesn’t get any easier.

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Fully Integrated Website & Social Media For ECommerce

Want to sell online? No problem, Social Media ROC can integrate your brick and mortar business into a complete online retailer!
Add automated merchandise sales that promotes your brand! Customers buy from your website and you get a check.

Get Your Website!
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Social Media ROC Gives You Options!

We don’t limit you to one option, we prefer to integrate with your business to strengthen your online presence. With options to fit any budget, take your pick from our available services to match your needs and we will work with you personally to get results.

Do It Yourself Assistance or We Do It For You

If you are looking to “do-it-yourself,” we can help take control of your online presence with powerful options that will get results.  For the busy CEO, we will work with you to augment or fully run your online presence and automate your marketing! There are plenty of options and you are always at the drivers seat and in control of your social media accounts, website and online presence.

Grow Your Business

Take control of your online presence to grow your business. With a staggering and still growing number of people online all spending the most amount of time on social media, you need to have an online presence that includes social media to have the best chance of being found!

Why not have a single solution that includes a custom professional website, social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, email marketing, Facebook Messenger Bot, and even webinar marketing?

If this sounds like it has potential to work for your organization, we offer a solution that you’re sure to love at an unbeatable price!

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Social Media Management

business analytics

Website Design / SEO

Social Media ROC email marketing

Email Marketing

Websites: We Make Them, People See Them.

The best place for a customer to learn about you and find the missing information they need to make a decision about your business is your website. We create websites that fill in those missing pieces and help a consumer make a better decision to do business with you!

Get Your Custom Website!
Custom Business Websites by Social Media ROC

Your Business: No Limits.

Your business has limitless potential to grow. We help make it easier to reach your business goals by keeping you active on social media.
In addition to the services themselves, we provide tips on Social Media, SEO, Webdesign, email marketing, etc..
We want to work with you to make you a smarter business owner.

No limits to your business growth
Social Media ROC

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“As a business owner, I know the demands placed on entrepreneurs and small business owners. That’s where Social Media ROC comes in, we take some of the burden off your shoulders and help eliviate your stress. We’re a local Rochester based business that will help you every step of the way to developing your online presence and help your business grow. We can help you reach your goals.” – Social Media ROC

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