Google Adsense is a simply way to monetize your website or blog and start making money online.

All you need to set up and account is a google account, a bank account and of course a website to post your banner ad.

This is an example of a Google Adsense ad on a website. Click on it to see how it works.

If you clicked on the ad, thank you, we just made about 4 cents.

The payout on clicks of ads can vary greatly. Anywhere from a few cents to a few dollars per click, but so does the amount a company will pay for each click, so it makes sense. The higher demand for a keyword, the greater price someone will have to pay to have their ad seen.

If you are thinking that adwords is a sure fire ticket to making lots of money, retiring and living a life of luxury you are probably mistaken. With that being said, a little extra money never hurts. Besides, even the possibility of being able to make a little extra money on something you may already be doing is worth pursuing.

  1. Create or logon to your Google account.
  2. Go to
    How to sign up for google adsense
  3. Enter your website URL and the content language.
  4. Enter your contact information.
    Enter your name as it appears on your bank account where it says Payee name. The most important part is to get you name right. Seriously, not rocket science, but important.If your name is incorrect, you might not be able to change it later. There are 28 countries where you are currently not allowed to change the payee name. List of countries
  5. Accept Adsense policies.
    Check all three boxes.
  6. Review your information and hit Submit!

Your account will then be reviewed for approval. This process can actually take a considerable amount of time depending on geographic location.

Once your Adsense account is active, you can create and then post an ad.

Posting an Adsense Ad

You will first need to create an ad to post. Your options are based solely on size at this point, pretty simple and straight forward.

adsense ad sizes

Click on the size ad you wish to create and below that there is an option to select an ad type. We recommend along with Google that you select the “Text & display ads” option. Otherwise you might find your ad appearing on your site as a black space that does no one any good.

Customize your ad

There are options to have a custom text style, basically choosing from a their five options or choosing your own custom colors.

You can select a custom channel for your ad as well as set a “back up” ad for when Google has no targeted ads available to show.

Place your ad

Be sure to ad your wed address to your URL channels in Adsense. You can find this section under the “My ads” section at the top.  You will then see the menu on the left side change and the section to ad your URL to is under “Content” the first section.

Now that you have created your ad you will have access to the HTML code that will need to be placed on your page. Once the code is placed on your live webpage, your account will need to be approved again. Until the account is fully approved, your ad will appear as a blank space.

  • You can and should also link your adsense account with your Analytics account. This will allow you to more easily track viewers actions and which ads are generating revenue on which site.
  • Adsense accounts are paid out once you reach $100 dollars in finalized earnings. We recommend you set up direct bank transfer for payments.
  • Use Adsense to monetize your videos with in-stream or overlay ads.
  • You can use “page-level ads” that will only appear on mobile devices. These are the ads you see that pop up over the top of the page you were looking at on your phone.
  • There are ways of blocking ads and specific content you don’t want seen on your site. All very helpful stuff if there are certain ads you don’t want shown.

When your account is finally approved and the code is in place on your site, all you need to do now is direct traffic to your page!