Here’s a list of amazing online tools and services that can make it easy to market your business, keep in contact with customers, find new ones and increase profits while saving you time!

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a marketing automation suite with pretty much everything you need in one place. Create your conversion funnels with their “workflow builder” and when it is set up, GetResponse will do everything based on the conditions you have set up. It will send a welcome email, coupons, social media links and invites, newsletters, email chains and more based on the triggers you have assigned. An absolutely amazing way to automate email and the customer acquisition process.

You also get great analytics, the ability to track who opens your email, clicks on links and where they go. A great way to see your ROI and how much you are gaining from your email campaigns. You want automated marketing, here it is. (Affiliate)

2. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft helps you stay in touch with your audience after you organize your contacts using tags and dividing them up into potential customers that are similar in certain ways. These groups are definable, accessible, actionable, and profitable to help you focus your time. Infusionsoft keeps track if your leads open your emails, archives them and do they check your website. It then groups each lead on ease of conversion, giving you the choice which to pursue.

Similar to GetResponse, Infusionsoft can automate your marketing process by sending personalized emails to contacts when certain triggers occur like clicking on a certain link, abandoning a shopping cart or making a purchase through your website. Infusionsoft can help you maintain a good relationship with customers with minimal time and effort.

3. Marketo

Marketo is popular because it is highly focused on generating new leads. Offering resources to teach users and newer marketers to take advantage of social media, search marketing. This platform makes it easy to build landing pages and forms for your website. You then track behavior of each lead to provide a score based on certain factors making it easy to see which leads you should pursue.

This platform helps you with creating and scheduling web ads to reach potential customers in specific demographics. Capture conversions on and offline to save money on advertising to get more for what you might pay on expensive advertising.

4. Hubspot

Hubspot can help you quickly generate content for your company’s marketing campaigns and helps make sure your work is complete before launching a campaign. Hubspot has a user-friendly dashboard that will show you all of your campaign analytics to make it easy for you to determine the success of your campaign.

Hubspot also works as an SEO manager, giving you analysis of of your website’s SEO and a simple to-do list that will boost search engine discovery. You can pick the keywords you want and the Hubspot platform will help you improve your ranking with those specific searches.

5. Social Jukebox

Social Jukebox is an amazing web-based program that allows users to easily automate their social media marketing on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.  An amazing time saver for busy professionals who still want to stay active on social media. Social Jukebox allows users to post to their social media channels, send thank you Tweets for interactions, send targeted posts as well automatically track mentions in a graph format. (Affiliate)

6. MailChimp

MailChimp gives you the ability to create excellent emails with a drag and drop interface. This gives everyone the ability to take their email marketing to a whole new level and connect with customers. an excellent marketing automation tool for the modern business. There is a free version that offers a completely usable email system and a paid version has even more great features like the ability to schedule emails to be sent at a specific time.

7. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email system that I used for a long time. Offering all the great features that you would want from an email system like pre-made templates, drag and drop email creation, track-able links and the ability to check open rates. Constant Contact is priced based on the number of subscribers you have, and reasonably priced at that.