The dilemma of how often you should email your list can be a difficult decisions to make using any basic email system. If you are simply emailing your list of prospective clients or customers without any feedback from them, you are completely guessing at the outcome of each email and hoping for the best. I remember the days when I would write what I considered a fantastic email, marketing a service or event and before I hit the send button, I would take a deep breath, say a little prayer for good luck and then send it on it’s way. If you’ve ever ventured into any email marketing, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about. If you are still doing that, you better keep reading!

With guessing at the outcome of each email, basically wondering if your sent email will result in a sale, someone unsubscribing or being flagged as spam.. Sending mass emails can be stressful and make businesses hesitate to send many emails.

When done even halfway well, emails can get great results for businesses who deploy this marketing tactic. When done really well, email marketing can explode a businesses sales and growth.

So to answer the question of how often should you email your list, the answer is actually quite simple. You should email your list for as long as they are interested in what you are sending them, but specifically the number is 5. I’ll get into this and why 5 times a little more, later in this article.

With the email systems that we can deploy such as GetResponse and ONTRAPORT, you can track each email and know what every recipient is interested in based on their interaction and engagement with your email. No more guessing at the results, no more wondering if an email will be perceived as a nuisance and thus a lost subscriber because you can actually get detailed analytics that you can take action on in order to fine tune your marketing efforts.

With these new ways of sending emails that give you insights into your customers actions before they purchase, you can better customize your marketing for better engagement and ultimately increased sales. So instead of thinking of your emails as an advertisement, think of them as a conversation. (Tweet This)

That tip alone could make all the difference in your marketing.

When analytics are integrated within your email, the recipient is giving you feedback from each email you send. This feedback will allow you to fine tune and adjust your next email to their interests in order to better grab their attention and encourage a sale. Much like if you were actually having a conversation with them, you could direct the conversation towards their interests and how your product or service would best fit their need.

So why 5 times? We recommend emailing your list no more than 5 times per week for a specific marketing campaign or sales funnel. That’s basically once a day for a 5 day work week, although don’t feel that you need to stick to only emailing Monday through Friday. These are 5 different emails, each with a different look and feel that target the subscribers interests. You are looking to engage the recipient to have an interaction with you. In order to do this, you need to give them something to interact with and respond to, something that they are looking for and can relate to. If you can do this, your email marketing will be a success.