Seomater Review


We did a year-long trial of SEOMATER on the effectiveness and usability of their SEO reporting and diagnostic services. Even though we came to a conclusion right away and after a couple months, even decided to become an affiliate of theirs. Which, by the way, a very big thank you to SEOMATER for the very generous [...]

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FREE SEO Tools for Small Businesses


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly changing landscape of moving parts and pieces that effect how your website is ranked. Luckily there are tools, some of which are even free, that you can use to take some of the guess work out of it. Check you SEO right now for FREE on our SEO CHECKER [...]

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The way we look at it is simple, SEO is organic. It's you or someone you are paying, working diligently to improve the ability of someone's ability to find you online. Your other option is PPC or "Pay Per Click" and that can be very costly when competing for those top keywords. PPC is [...]

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